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*Kent Grand Plus Kent Grand Plus is a trusted water Purifier System. Kent Grand Plus have a smart design . Kent Grand Plus certifications by World’s top Quality Ro. Kent Grand Plus have double purification (RO+UV/UF) facility with TDS controller. Kent Grand Plus have Save Water Technology and Auto- flushing System . Kent Grand Plus Ro is mounting on the wall. *4 Years Free Service Kent give us 4 year free service , with 1 year Warranty + 3 year free service. *Mineral Ro Technology Kent Grand Plus have a mineral Ro technology, Mineral Technology is Retains a natural mineral using TDS controller in Purified water . Mineral Ro Technology give a tasty and safe drinking water. *Double Purification Technology In Kent Grand Plus have Double purification technology. This technology work With RO +UV/UF . Ro , UV and Uf dissolved the germs of water and dust , make 100% pure water. *High Storage and Purification Capacity Kent Grand Plus has 8 Litres High storage with 20L / h Purification Capacity, providing a faster rate of purified water. *SPECIFICATION Application - Suitable for Purification of Brackish/Tap Water Purification Capacity - Upto 20 LPH* Body Material - ABS Food Grade Plastic Mounting On the Wall Dimensions(mm) - 390( L ) x 255 ( W ) x 535 ( H ) Filter Cartridges - Sediment, Carbon Block Filter , UF & Post Carbon Auto-Flushing System - Yes UV Lamp Wattage - 11 Watt Weight - 9.4 kg Storage Capacity - 8 L Purification Production Rate - 20L/hr or 0.33 L / min Maximum Duty Cycle - 100 L / Day Power Consumption - 60 W Membrane type - Thin Film Composite RO Booster Pump Voltage - 24 V DC Input Power Supply - Single Phase 220 , 10 V AC , 50 Hz
Please Save water for our future . RO Service India have save water Technology RO Water Purifier with smart Technology . RO Service India Provide Service For RO Water Plant in Ranchi , Garwa , Delhi , Dhanbad , Bokaro, Jamshedpur , Patna , Karnataka , Goa , tamilnadu , Panjab , etc . RO Service India Provide Domestic RO Service In Ranchi , Garwa , Delhi , Dhanbad , Bokaro, Jamshedpur , Patna , Karnataka , Goa , tamilnadu , Panjab , etc . For service call 1800102216 (tollfree ) and visit on our website :- . For Fast Service Download Ro Service India app
Before knowing about the Benefits of RO Water , we have to know about RO. Reverse osmosis is a technology that uses in water purification. Reverse osmosis is use to remove ions , larger particles and Molecules from drinking water . The work of Reverse osmosis use to increases the pressure on the salt side of the RO . It’s Better for Cooking Impurity in the water of your home affects the taste of the food you have made . The water your cook with is often finished in your diet . If you are using simple water for cooking , it is important for you to know that there is too much Chlorine in it . Not only will this food get a weird taste , it will also break it. But RO water is pure and clean , along with chlorine balanced quantity in water .It also helps in making delicious Food. RO Water Tastes Dirt in water makes us feel harsh . RO remove all the dirt and germs from water. Because which of the water becomes soft and tasty. RO Water Is Good For Health. Dirt and germs are present in simple water, which are harmful to our health. But no dirt and germs are present in RO water .Many types of kinds of illness from drinking crappy water. So, we should always drink RO water . Our Doctor also advises to drink RO water. For More Info call 18001022216 , & visit On Or Website . For fast Service Download Ro Service India app
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1000 LPH RO Plant We are able to offer a superior quality array of 1000 LPH RO Plant to our patron's. RO is a water purification technology that uses a semipermeable Membrane to remove ions , molecular and larger particle from drinking water, in Reverse Osmosis , an applied pressure is used to overcome osmotic pressure , a colligative property , that is driven by chemical potential differences of the solvent , a thermodynamics parameters.RO can remove many types of dissolve and suspended species from Water , including bacteria , and is used both industrial process and the production of potable water.
As water filter specialists, we have developed strong working relationships with some of the country's leading manufacturers, including Kent. This enables us to provide you with the very best drinking water filters for very affordable and competitive prices. Whatever your drinking water requirements, speak to the experts here at ANUSHKA AQUA CARE. We guarantee that we will be able to provide you with a cost effective and reliable drinking water solution. We install top quality drinking water filters in domestic homes and residential properties across country. We also specialize in supplying and installing high quality water softeners in domestic and commercial properties. For further information on these services click onto the domestic water softener installation, custom designed commercial water softeners and the servicing and repairs pages of this website. For more information please check out our Products Gallery and Contact us.
Anushka Aqua Care is Best RO Shoppe in Ranchi . RO Service India is a part of Anushka Aqua Care .RO Service India provide Sale and Service for Domestic RO Water Purifier And Commercial RO Water Purifier . RO Service India Provide Kent RO Service In Jharkhand, Bihar, Jamshedpur , Delhi , Karnatka, Goa , Panjab , orisha , Rajashthan , Dhanbad , Bokaro , Tata . RO Service India Provide Eureka Forbes Water purifier Service In Jharkhand, Bihar, Jamshedpur , Delhi , Karnatka, Goa , Panjab , orisha , Rajashthan , Dhanbad , Bokaro , Tata . RO Service India Use Save Water technology in All Brand RO.
Anushka Aqua Care celebrate Yoga Day with RO Service India .Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji has to say about the yoga , "Yoga is an invaluable gift of India's ancient tradition. It embodies unity of mind and body; thought and action; restraint and fulfillment; harmony between man and nature; a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is not about exercise but to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature. By changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, it can help in well being. Let us work towards adopting an International Yoga Day." Yoga is the thing that sages both the body and mind of the person. HAPPY YOGA DAY
RO Service India Is a Unit of Anushka Aqua Care . Anushka Aqua Care Serving In Jharkhand & Bihar since 2008 . RO Service India Believes in Quality service In time. RO Service India is One of the Best Service Provider in all Over India. RO Service India Have Complete range of Ro Products and service. RO Service India provide Domestic RO Water Purifier and RO Water Plant Service in Short time .RO Service India provide sale & service for Domestic RO water Purifier and Commercial RO Water Purifier. In Domestic RO Water Purifier , we provide sale and service of Kent RO , Livpure RO , Oro RO , Nasaka RO , Eureka Forbes RO , Aquasoft RO , Aquasure RO , Pure IT RO, Blue Mount RO , etc. In Commercial RO Water Purifier , we provide sale and service of 250 LPH RO Plant , 500 LPH RO Plant , 1000 LPH RO Plant , 2000 LPH RO Plant, Iron Remover , Water ATM , etc.RO Service India technicians use the original spare parts in your Domestic RO Water Purifier and RO Plants during your RO Service . Using original Spare Parts Keeps Your Purifier Life Good. Original spare parts help improve your purifiers .RO Service India have trained technicians, here by whom we give good Service with Smart technology. RO Service India have 10 years of experienced technicians who solve every problem of your Domestic RO Water Purifier and RO Plant better.RO Service India is present 24/7 in your support. If you have a technical problem at any point in your Domestic RO Water Purifier and Commercial RO Water Purifier , then RO Service India is looking forward to your support .